Hey, a quick intro to me, I am Dan and this is my psychology blog page

I am the founder of SAPUK, an event organizer for The Semicolon Project, a Psychology student at Worcester university, and a mum 🙂

I have membership amongst the American Association of Suicide, I am also a part of Lancashire Suicide Prevention group, i am level 2 trained with counselling skills, soon undergoing my level 3, i have my level 5 in psychology seeing most aspects of psychology being taught within my levels, i have my understanding self harm, Suicide first Aid, Mental Health First Aid, mental health in adolescence, mental health in the workplace, i also hold a DBS, and my education will contiune;


This #blog will always link to #Psychology so it will in retrospect be a #psychologyblog 😉



You should always take pictures, videos and everything else, i love pictures but i also love writing, i feel as though writing is something i have always kind of fallen into keeping some form of journal since being a child, i love the passion and feeling that can be brought into writing;

I will try and picture it up for ease on the eyes, but its a blog… But Hey, here is side me



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I am a 

& I will write about anything and everything – much love 

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Be kind, show off your imperfections, and tell your story.

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