Why Psychology?

Why Psychology?

This is a quick post, as there isn’t really much of a story, to start no i haven’t always desired this but it found its way in my path and that is just how it is 🥰

So, why was the psychology degree chosen?

It was an influence by a friend inevitably but a fate I believe I would of always crossed – I have always struggled with direction, not really understanding which way was the best way for me to go, probably something along the lines of winging it for most of my life, this comes with lack of direction as a child, I was never really influenced or encouraged in any way, more so just having to find my own feet, watching my eldest brother majorly and taking independency traits from him. When I was younger my goal was to be an art teacher as my love for painting is amongst the highest of my desires, I also love working with children and younger adults, finding myself being able to communicate in the correct manner with the end goal to encourage and aid in growth, but then I found myself loving hair extensions and the communication this brings with it, it was the perfect life, I spent my days laughing with people and transforming their hair, it was such a nice feeling 😊 – but then life took a turn with numerous events occurring one after the other and I eventually understood that being the positive character that I am I could maybe use it to help people, plus I were in tremendous pain and lacking so much support around me, I had to divert it somewhere – for a year I shared quotes every day, then people started connecting with the posts and I found myself on the phone with someone called Peter, he was from London, my first contact was hundreds of miles away, I was like how has he connected but it was obviously a fateful crossing, he was struggling and was planning to throw himself in front of a bus, I stopped him from doing that, and he was the first person’s life that I saved, from then I decided I was too help others just like I helped Peter and so I did and still do – 6 years strong;

Over the years of learning and growing with SAPUK, me and my friend were chatting and we both said we should go to uni together, she suggested psychology, which to my imagination made absolute perfect sense, so we both applied – I was the only one out of us who was accepted, due to my friend already studying at university, by student finance you are only allowed five years eligible funding unless you get a scholarship, at the time it wasn’t to her capability to go through this process of applying for a scholarship, so it was just me who ended up attending, but soon into it I realised this was the course to work alongside myself and SAPUK.

I also need to gain some credibility for SAPUK, in this day and age although I have studied, trained so much and had 6 years’ lived daily experience, I still don’t have much of a voice – so hang fire the Dr badge is potentially on its way 😊 but to be honest the course is so conditioned, you have to write a certain way, you have to replicate information from another source but in a specific way, the amount of times I have been discredited for my over use of ‘passion’ is remarkable, but my argument was ‘this is me’, it doesn’t change the capacity of my knowledge I am only expressing it in my own way, I do not want to replicate another person, and I am certainly not being conditioned from information and concepts that date from the 1960’s, the psychologist of this date are built on a new foundation, we have a new perspective as will the generation below us. Communication has changed, personas have changed, technology has changed, we have a different environment now, and each person is and should be allowed to be individual within their own means, but that didn’t work and so I have had to tweak my writing styling I can no longer use ‘your obscene’ I have to use ‘you’re obscene’

But none the less I do love the course I have learnt a lot so far, i love how our mind works and the vast capacity in which we can work, we are so expandable and anything is possible within the mind, it is also linking mental health conditions with brain neurology, it is so crazy and so interesting, i am really enjoying it, although this semester I don’t have any friends as I transferred university, I believe everyone already has their groups from last year… So engaging in a social world but not engaging in a social has anxiety is at its highest but headphones help and at the end of the day I am there to learn and gain my qualification 😊 friends do help though as they can give you the attendance password 🤣

Anyway i am off but i will catch up soon

All my love

Dan ✌&♥

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