This word illuminated in my mind last week and ever since then I have wanted to blog about it, so what does it mean? Looking back on or dealing with past events or situations, we all do this naturally and sometimes doing this it can bring forward many emotions, but also with this reflection can … Read more


I saw this range of explanations towards our emotions not so long ago, and it made me think about it a lot, so I thought I would bring them forward again, in hope that it helps anyone who may need this understanding. Emotions affect all of us, from being born to death and how we … Read more

But I am attached to you;

ATTACHMENT ISSUES. They sound bad, don’t they? Oh he/she has attachment issues… Or even admitting ‘I have attachment issues’ sounds just as bad. But are they that bad, not really no. They can be mis-interpretated wrongly or acted wrongly but no they are not bad. Attachment issues are when an individual becomes attached insecurely to … Read more

Little Runaway

Hey 🙂 , As always, I hope everyone is okay, if you are struggling with anything please reach out. So, little runaway, I have always pondered this area, the psychology behind running away or the urge / feeling to run away. I want to understand why people may have this urge. The reason being is … Read more


What is perspective and how does it affect you, me, us? There are two forms of perspective, one is visual so how we perceive objects within its 2D, 3D ratios and the other is how we regard something, so our attitude towards something, in easier terms our point of view; A POV / perspective is … Read more

If im ugly then so are you

There are many different aspects to someone believing someone else is ugly, it can be an external feature or a generalized thought towards someone’s inner self, it’s a thought, it’s not a fact. Many people perceive this amongst their own self, believing that they are ugly internally and / or externally, but again this is … Read more

Trauma from nowhere

I have thought about this blog a lot, as many people do face this ‘Trauma from Nowhere’ – many find themselves crossing paths with this when they are within their final stages of feeling worthless and belittled as they have struggled to comprehend their minds and its new occupants, it is really difficult struggling with … Read more


Dissociation can happen at any point in our lives and too any of us, it is a mental process where an individual disconnects from their thoughts, feelings, memories and/or sense of identity. Experiencing such cognitive disorder can feel very alienating you may experience some of the following – you can forget things or have gaps … Read more