I saw this range of explanations towards our emotions not so long ago, and it made me think about it a lot, so I thought I would bring them forward again, in hope that it helps anyone who may need this understanding. Emotions affect all of us, from being born to death and how we express and interpret them over the years changes. None the less;

Our emotions are teachers,

And we must listen to them. Throughout the day each of us can experience any emotion. Emotions are our minds way of handling a given situation. But if you listen to them closely, they speak <3

Each emotion I have explained below is vague and to no degree fit for every person;

Anger teaches us our boundaries.

When we get angry it is a feeling that can escalate into something further. It is a reaction to something we do not like, so we should remove this frustration. Either by rebalancing it with communication so the frustration can no longer arise or removing the source of the frustration. Using techniques such as focused breathing can alleviate frustration.

Jealousy teaches us where we want to be.

Jealousy is a feeling where someone over thinks about someone or something with lust or anguish. It shows us what we wish for and if correctly pursued can push us to be who we want to be. There is also the jealousy side in relationships, but this can also be positive if not too intense as it shows a level of care. Obsessive jealousy is not okay and anyone experiencing this should address this with someone they trust.

Guilt realigns us with integrity.

Feeling guilty is a feeling of remorse, it can encourage us to write our wrongs and thus become a better person for our future selves. It allows us to understand where and when we did wrong and ensure that in the future, we do not make these same mistakes again.


Fear shows you were you need to work on.

Holding fear is a feeling where you feel you are going to be hurt in some way, either physically or mentally, it is our minds way of keeping us safe. Being scared of something allows us to see our weaknesses, seeing this weakness should only encourage you to not want to be scared of it. Be brave and take on those fears.

Sadness shows us we need to grieve a loss.

Sadness is a feeling that feels hollow, it can occupy us for any amount of time. Being sad allows us to release anything lost. Losing a person or an object can have a negative affect on a person but the ability to be sad allows us to release this peacefully

Happiness shows you your fulfilment.

Happiness is, well happiness. This emotion shows us what we like, and we should only pursue what makes us happy. Find what makes you happy and keep hold of that <3

Get curious when your emotions arise, they are only trying to talk with you 😊