Feminine & Masculine Energy

Hey and hope everyone is okay, as always if you are struggling reach out to someone; I am pondering over a new blog and i thought this would be of relevance to help open new perspectives on relationships, being a monogamous girl i am so strong with love vibrations, understanding these energies within love relations … Read more

Healing Home

Healing home, i think it is time that we do this; Firstly ** – I blog with my views, personal experiences and learnt psychology and or suicidology both within work and educational settings, what i produce when writing is not backed factually, nor it be beneficial to all but it may help some people, my … Read more

Wounded healer

I have never crossed paths with the term before, I have never looked into who or what this may be, until it was put forward to me by a support worker, ‘you should look into the wounded healer, I think you could relate to it’. I have not yet found the memoirs of this being … Read more


Did you know depression effects most of us at some point, and how it differs in length and capacity is person dependant? Depression also known as Depressive disorder is classed as a long-term mental health condition that involves a depressive mood and loss of interest in activities long term. An estimated 5% of adults suffer … Read more


This word illuminated in my mind last week and ever since then I have wanted to blog about it, so what does it mean? Looking back on or dealing with past events or situations, we all do this naturally and sometimes doing this it can bring forward many emotions, but also with this reflection can … Read more


I saw this range of explanations towards our emotions not so long ago, and it made me think about it a lot, so I thought I would bring them forward again, in hope that it helps anyone who may need this understanding. Emotions affect all of us, from being born to death and how we … Read more

Are you telling the truth?

Mental health conditions can alter how we perceive attention; Hey, Dan here. I wanted to do a blog on how the need of and reciept of attention can alter when we are undergoing an mental health condition or effect This is for the benefit of some of our users for anyone who may have similar … Read more

But I am attached to you;

ATTACHMENT ISSUES. They sound bad, don’t they? Oh he/she has attachment issues… Or even admitting ‘I have attachment issues’ sounds just as bad. But are they that bad, not really no. They can be mis-interpretated wrongly or acted wrongly but no they are not bad. Attachment issues are when an individual becomes attached insecurely to … Read more

Little Runaway

Hey 🙂 , As always, I hope everyone is okay, if you are struggling with anything please reach out. So, little runaway, I have always pondered this area, the psychology behind running away or the urge / feeling to run away. I want to understand why people may have this urge. The reason being is … Read more