What is perspective and how does it affect you, me, us? There are two forms of perspective, one is visual so how we perceive objects within its 2D, 3D ratios and the other is how we regard something, so our attitude towards something, in easier terms our point of view; A POV / perspective is … Read more


Suicidology, what is it? Its identified as an extension of Psychology, Sociology or other similar profession. Suicidology is the scientific study and research on suicide, suicidal thoughts, suicidal tendencies, intrusive thoughts and interventions, but is not classed as an actioning profession, it was appropriately described as an “aborning profession”, because it was a new field … Read more

If im ugly then so are you

There are many different aspects to someone believing someone else is ugly, it can be an external feature or a generalized thought towards someone’s inner self, it’s a thought, it’s not a fact. Many people perceive this amongst their own self, believing that they are ugly internally and / or externally, but again this is … Read more

Sit with it

I am just going to roll with this one as the content fills my head, it is difficult to regulate emotions when they hurt so badly in so many different ways, they say heartbreak can be as painful as breaking a bone – I remember all of my heartbreaks, all the times I had to … Read more

Trauma from nowhere

I have thought about this blog a lot, as many people do face this ‘Trauma from Nowhere’ – many find themselves crossing paths with this when they are within their final stages of feeling worthless and belittled as they have struggled to comprehend their minds and its new occupants, it is really difficult struggling with … Read more


Dissociation can happen at any point in our lives and too any of us, it is a mental process where an individual disconnects from their thoughts, feelings, memories and/or sense of identity. Experiencing such cognitive disorder can feel very alienating you may experience some of the following – you can forget things or have gaps … Read more