Autumn ’22

Autumn ‘22

So, I have done a full wipe of personal blogs ☹, so the people who read my previous blogs, you have a deep insight to what my mind and feelings encountered, I shared that from my insides, but I can’t be bothered re -reading them going what am I on about here. So, I have to remove them, and progress them, its my personal blogs, my personal outlook and perspective, and that changes, our perspective can change in a matter of hours. So, I will mix them up and turn them to psychology ones.

What I am going to do is have a wrap blog that’s removed and refreshed every season, I like the seasons they are refreshing, Autumn is so beautiful, i like the colours of the fading green it is such a soul filler, I don’t even know how to explain it. It is a phenomenon.

But yeah, I feel free of absorption, from things that don’t belong to me – no more past trauma or current stresses. I am on my final year of University, SAP is so busy in so many ways, I have to always do so much here, there is always something to do as well as chat 24 hours per week. Despite these areas, I am always ever so grateful to have my boy, he is so amazing, and Raffy too – love you

I spend a lot of time writing, it heals me – so whatever I wrote about previously needed to be wrote in order for me to heal, it was self-acknowledgement, which is something we must all do 🙂

A few of my old blogs, love to lose, being me and that’s not you, love yourself first, all related to me not being me anymore, I was still within depression, lacking confidence, feeling unworthy, but now I feel like me again, and I am too ready for this next year, I am finally so happy in myself, and I finally love life again, i am settled where I live too, which is sooo beautiful too, i am so lucky

I do have so much more belief in myself after having therapy at uni, even the first few sessions where helpful because they helped me analyse myself so much, the trauma that I endured, and what came after. I have a new surge to help people understand which is why it is always so important to communicate, like so important. It is not easy to analyse yourself, its hard to figure out your negative traits but when someone looks at you with you, its really does help so much, I embraced my trauma as they were and if you will i figured them out, I needed help though, i think we all do.

I am going to use this next season to focus on my emotions more, and to stay grounded and to not commit to things that I don’t want, be firmer with my boundaries and let anything go that isn’t for me, to not have attachment or trust issues but to be cautious. What are you doing this term? Comments welcome always …

I am also going knuckle down with uni with full focus, knuckle down on SAPUK too and really get organised, p.s. soooo excited for Christmas

Peace out, much love

D x

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