Where DaNiSaCe came from

Where Dan-is-ace came from?

This is the shortest, sweetest post to date – 3 second read and its done ✌👽

Ah I have been waiting to clarify this, so that the thoughts that I think myself as ace can go, it burdens me internally, because i feel as though it does look so vain, but the nature of it really isn’t..

Again I don’t think of usernames and their meanings – carrying the email address hornybabe231@hotmail.com in like year 7 – year 9 not knowing what it meant (haha), my friends was cyberchick, again very unknowingly…

But yeah where does danisace sprout from – it was around 12 years ago, and me and my friend Sarah used to work in the pub together (the best times) we fraped each other all the time, she ended up going well past the line and she wrote sazisace as my middle name on facebook.. So, of course I changed hers to danisace, and I am not kidding she still has it today, it is brilliant, i love her so much, absolutely 1000% down to laziness but none the less it still stands, we ended up working together again at her company Bears Brushes (Painting & Decorating) – check it out 🐻🖌 .

I changed mine after like a year or something, as I started a business Fayemous Hair Extensions, my middle name is Faye; So. I wanted to incorporate that through my name, but hers still stands… Everyone always asks her about it when they meet her, they think she is of some foreign nationality, and she tells the story every time, she just hasn’t had the time to change it, it reminds me of her so much the name danisace now, it is whats shes called in my phone too, so, its not really me its Sarah Danisace Johnston, we have been friends since year 5 😊 that is also natalie in the profile photo too, we have been friends since year 2 😊

I kept the name as all the social media links i used where free for the name danisace and of course the website was also free;

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